Receiving the gift of sight is a very special gift, one that certainly deserves a thank you. We encourage cornea transplant patients to send a thank you to their donor families.

Many donor families find great comfort in knowing that their donation has improved the lives of others. Finding the words to express a thank you to the donor family can be challenging.

Here are some suggestions for sharing your transplant experience and your gratitude with your donor family.

How to begin
    You may want to send a greeting card or a letter telling them about yourself. Here are some suggestions for writing to your donor family:

  • Begin with, “Dear Donor Family”.
  • Acknowledge the donor family and thank them for their gift.
  • Tell them about your family situation: marital status, children, and grandchildren.
  • Do not include names.
  • Write about your job, hobbies or interest.
  • Use simple language.
Share your experience
  • Describe how long you needed a transplant and how it affected you and your family.
  • Explain the difference a transplant has made in your life, e.g. you returned to or started work or school.
  • Tell your donor family about the routine things that you couldn’t do before, but are able to do now (reading, driving, ect.).
Sign your card or letter
  • Sign it, “A Grateful Recipient”.
  • Do not include a return address or phone number.
  • Do not identify yourself.
Send your card or letter

On a separate piece of paper write your name and date of surgery so The-Eye Bank can identify your donor family.

  • Place your card or letter in an unsealed envelope.
  • Place both these items in another envelope and mail to:

The Eye-Bank for Sight Restoration


To ensure recipient and donor confidentiality, it is our policy that any correspondence between donor families and recipients be made through The Eye-Bank with out revealing the identity of either party to the other. Once your card or letter is received it will be forwarded to the donor family.

When will I hear from the donor Family ?

Any reply from the donor family will be promptly forwarded to you. Not all donor families are prepared to respond right away, if at all, so please be patient and understanding.

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