Women Welfare
We are running community development programs in India. For several years we have been working with local groups, offering training for capacity building. Programmes include: 'street', 'working' and 'orphaned' children's formal and non-formal education; employment; vocation and skills training; community health; service provision to the most marginalized community; capacity building for local groups and partnership in programmes to improve their living environment in urban and rural areas. We also aims to provide free education for underprivileged girls and 'street' children to make them self-reliant, confident, economically independent and socially responsible.
We are working hard in urban and rural areas to foster a state of self-respect and self-reliance for this underprivileged section of society, emancipating them from the yoke of caste discrimination.
Main Areas of Work

Empowering women through livelihood; Empowering 'Street' and 'Working' children; Skills and vocational training; Health and sexual / reproductive rights (awareness programmes); Building peace and ending gender-based violence (awareness programmes); Non-formal adolescent education programmes; Computer literacy for children of: single mothers; HIV/AIDS affected parents and CSWs for eventual employment; Medical, health and awareness camps.
Education and Awareness

As an organization with social concern, We have embarked upon a programme to educate underprivileged women who face multiple hardships of class, caste and gender. By imparting skills useful in gaining livelihood, these hapless creatures could so easily become tools to bring about a transformation in society; they can truly achieve emancipation from the yoke of caste discrimination. Educated and uneducated alike, there continues to be restricted (almost non-existent) employment opportunities due to ongoing discrimination, lack of education, experience and confidence. One of the best ways to empower these people is to provide them with skills they need to become independent and thrive. Over the last 3 years, utilising our Summer Camps, more than 200 women have now learned special skills and we continue to work in both urban and rural areas offering training in such areas as:
  • Banjara Work; Beauty culture; Conducting Exhibitions of Work; Cutting & Tailoring; Embroidery; Mehandi Design; Pot Decoration; Soft Toy Making; Zari Embroideryand kasuti Embroidery
We are providing all these activities voluntarily, and we ask for no assistance from government or Non-government organisations.

News Update

Symposium on Eye-banking and Eye-donation

All India President of Eyebank Association of India Dr Usha Gopinath and Secretary Mr G Ganesh visited the M K International Eyebank of Indore on 2nd May 2015.


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