Senior Citizen Care
Senior Citizens of society whose children and relatives dont want to keep them deserve care and family environment so that they may spend the remaining days of their lives peacefully.Our Old Age Home Provides shelter to all deserving senior citizens of india
As a Foundation our goal is, the initiation, set up, support, management, staffing, maintenance, and financing of projects to provide living quarters, education, healthcare and other needs as necessary for deprived children and neglected senior citizens.
Old Age Homes

There are thousands of old age men and women that have no place to go in the sunset years of their life. They are hopeless and are ready to pass on in to eternity without any preparation. They have never been told of a savior who redeemed them with His own blood and loves them just as they are.
Our Old age home for Senior Citizens and children should live together as a family and support each other physically and emotionally to fill the vacuum destiny has brought in their lives.They should possess high moral values, character,dedication and love for the country and for other human being.
We try to make a difference for some of these lives by giving them shelter at our Manav Seva Trust. We give them the warmth and love and protection they have never known before most suitable envoirnment provided at our old age home of the seva trust.

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Symposium on Eye-banking and Eye-donation

All India President of Eyebank Association of India Dr Usha Gopinath and Secretary Mr G Ganesh visited the M K International Eyebank of Indore on 2nd May 2015.


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